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Ayush Herbs

We believe that maintaining the most stringent quality-control standards in the herbal supplement industry goes hand in hand with our commitment of delivering the highest quality Ayurvedic supplements available. Ayush Herbs has maintained these standards since its founding in 1988 and we are committed to continuing that tradition as we meet the needs of our customers in the years to come.

When they first started their Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practices, they were shocked at how difficult it was to find quality products. Knowing how critical having quality products was to the health of their patients, the Sodhi brothers decided that the only way to ensure that they were getting the pure ingredients that they needed was to grow their own herbs. The brothers returned to India with a plan: buy their own farms where they could oversee every crucial step of each plant’s life cycle, from the planting of a tiny seed to the harvesting of mature herbs ready to be prepared and made into supplements. Since then, Ayush’s herbs have been grown in the pristine Himachal Pradesh region of the Himalayas. The water is pure, the land is uncontaminated and therefore they could have full knowledge and confidence in every facet of all our products growth. Providing uncontaminated, unadulterated herbal products is the founding principle of our company. We have full knowledge of and confidence in the contents of our herbal products. After all, we grow them ourselves! That is just one of the many reasons that Ayush Herbs is a name that represents quality and purity; for the sake of our customers and our own families.

Ayush Herbs

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Ayush Herbs