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Natural Partners Team

Natural Partners - Company Photo

Executive Team (left to right): Charles Stredney - Senior Director, Quality and Business Process Management, Dianna Smith - Chief Relationship Officer, Tim Engvall - Chief Operations Officer, Leeta Radcliff - VP of Talent and Culture, Derek Lurth - Chief Financial Officer, Ellen Hahn - Chief Marketing Officer, Fran Towey - President and CEO, Laura Koury - Executive Assistant, Steve Clark - VP of Information Technology, Tye Smith - Founder, Chairman of the Board

Inspiring Greatness

Back in 1995, a couple of zany wellness proponents came together to form Natural Partners. Since then, some new faces have been added to the mix. But what makes our leadership team so awesome is their diversity and eclectic backgrounds.

Charles Stredney, Senior Director of Quality and Business Process Management

As Senior Director of Quality and Business Process Management, Charles directs corporate wide project management and oversees our Quality programs and cGMP compliance efforts.

Charles has been with Natural Partners since the beginning and is very passionate about the company. He also is very committed to his family, his wife and two sons. In his free time, he can be found coaching baseball, camping, and enjoying other outdoor activities.

Tye Smith, Founder, Chairman of the Board

Prior to founding Natural Partners in 1995, Tye helped build PetSmart from its beginnings in 1986 to its public offering in 1993. Tye was a founding officer and held several positions with PetSmart including VP of Store Operations and VP of HR and Training.

Following two years of exploration after PetSmart, Tye had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Helene Wecshler and her mother, Dr. Gladys McGarey. Tye (as a patient of Dr. Wecshler) noticed that these two seminal MD's were dispensing natural products to their patients. After investigation and wondering why all doctors did not follow this practice he incorporated W3 Distributing, Inc., in 1995. This name was later changed to Natural Partners, Inc.

Tye's personal passions are his family-Dianna, Blake, & Lauren (as well as his Natural Partners family) and his dogs Bella and Angus. He also maintains an interest in urban farming and music. In recent years Tye's identity has been shaped by the possibility of world wellness and the reduction of suffering on the planet.

Tye holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of California Berkeley.

Fran Towey, President and CEO

Fran joined as President in September of 2014. Fran recently served as president and CEO of a leading private equity owned company in the professional health and wellness industry. Before that in various roles w/ Fisher Scientific and T&B.

Fran’s other passions include his family, wife Mary and two daughters Molly and Katie and music. He sits of the board of trustees for the PKD Foundation.

Tim Engvall, Chief Operations Officer

Tim joined Natural Partners in 1996 as the VP of Merchandising. He later became the VP of Sales and then Chief Operating Officer, his current role. Tim leads the Customer Service, Distribution, and Purchasing groups.

Tim's other passions in life include his wife and four kids, baseball, and his ever growing collection of music that dates back to the mid-sixties!

Derek Lurth, Chief Financial Officer

Derek joined Natural Partners in May 2016 as our Chief Financial Officer. Prior to being a Natty P, Derek was the Corporate Controller at AV Homes and he worked for Deloitte & Touche, LLP. Derek earned a B.S. and Masters in Accounting from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Derek enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, in addition to community volunteering at his church.

Dianna Smith, Chief Relationship Officer

Dianna has worn many hats, acquiring first-hand expertise of nearly every facet of Natural Partners day-to-day operations, including President, Co-CEO, Marketing Director, Sales and Accounting.

Before Natural Partners, Dianna worked in personal banking, both in installments and personal banking, for a Nebraska-owned bank. Dianna's first job out of college was managing one of first of Mrs. Field's Cookie Stores.

Aside from her love for health and natural medicine, Dianna is a proud mother, loving wife and devoted entrepreneur passionate about raising and showing horses. Dianna’s belief in living everyday to its fullest potential makes her an invaluable human asset of leadership and innovation here at Natural Partners.

Dianna holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Economics from St. Mary's College.

Steve Clark, VP of Information Technology

Steve has extensive experience in Information Technology, Customer Support & Distribution. Prior to working in the nutritional supplement industry, Steve was the owner of a successful computer consulting company, which specialized in advanced accounting applications.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Idaho and is a pilot who enjoys flying. He also enjoys golfing, and the outdoors.

Ellen Hahn, Chief Marketing Officer

Ellen joined Natural Partners in 2017 as CMO. Prior to joining us Ellen held various executive marketing positions with PetSmart, Hyatt Corporation, and Capitol One Financial.

Ellen earned her BS degrees in Statistics from George Washington University and lives in Scottsdale with her husband Todd, and their dog Ozzy, an Australian Shephard.

Leeta Radcliff, Vice President of Talent and Culture

Leeta Radcliff is the Vice President of Talent and Culture. Leeta is responsible for ensuring that all potential Natty P's that are hired are a culture fit, and will thrive in the Natty P environment. Leeta also brings an enthusiasm and commitment to our core values and culture that is motivating and inspiring.

Leeta has spent a lifetime acquiring experience in management, and is passionate about people. Before joining Natural Partners in May 2001, Leeta spent 12 years managing various stores, working for Tower Records. During this time she was responsible for all aspects of personnel, and retail operations.

Today Leeta's experience within our organization is invaluable and is a tool in training others to be exceptional and creating the ultimate customer experience.

When Leeta is not working she spends her time engaged with her family, listening to music, being outdoors and painting.