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Shipping & Return Policies

Shipping services and rates

Delivery service with the U.S. Shipping time Order Subtotal Practitioner rate Guest rate
UPS 1-Day 1 business day $0.00 - $499.99
$500.00 - $1,999.99
$2,000.00 - $4,999.99
$5,000.00 & up
UPS 2-Day 2 business days N/A $8.75* $9.99*
FREE UPS 2-Day Shipping 2 business days $250.00 & up FREE FREE
Economy (UPS / USPS) 3-6 business days N/A $5.75* $5.99*

Order processing and shipping times

Delivery service with the U.S. Must be placed by: Will be shipped:
1-Day 2:00 PM (Eastern)
1:00 PM (Central)
2:00 PM (Mountain)
1:00 PM (Pacific)
Same business day
2-Day 6:30 PM (Eastern)
5:30 PM (Central)
6:00 PM (Mountain)
5:00 PM (Pacific)
Same business day
Economy 6:30 PM (Eastern)
5:30 PM (Central)
6:00 PM (Mountain)
5:00 PM (Pacific)
Next business day

Additional Services and rates

Item Rate
C.O.D. $12.00 per order (Available to practitioners only)
Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico $4.00 handling fee
U.S. Territory Handling fee varies

Heat sensitive and perishable products

Heat sensitive and perishable items may need special shipping considerations. We recommend shipping all heat sensitive items Monday–Wednesday using our 1-Day shipping service.

Returns and exchanges

Natural Partners proudly complies with the cGMP return policy standards. Please adhere to the following guidelines when requesting a return:

  • Returns are accepted for phone/fax orders that were incorrectly keyed or any order that has been incorrectly picked.
  • We do not take returns for unwanted/ overstocked products even if they are unopened.
  • We guarantee our products for at least 90 days or for as long as the bottle should last. We do not allow returns/ replacements to be sent if the expiration is outside of this 90-day guarantee.
  • Refunds for shipping will not be given for shipments that are delayed due to weather.
  • Returns for the front desk are only allowed before the item leaves the building. Once the product is outside the doors we are no longer able to do a return.
  • No returns made or replacements sent for an order for which we were provided an incorrect address.
  • All claims of damage or shortage must be made within 3 business days of receipt of goods.
  • Prescription and special order items are not eligible for return credit.
  • Returns are not allowed for heat sensitive and perishable items that are not shipped with our 1- Day shipping service.
  • All returns may be subject to a handling fee. Authorized returns must be received within 14 days of authorization.
  • To initiate the return process, you must call (888) 633-7620 for a return authorization number.

*Rates may not apply to Internet resellers