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Gaia Herbs

Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective nutrients essential to health. Since 1995 we’ve offered research-backed, non-GMO products that address root-cause nutritional deficiencies. In foundational and condition-specific formulations, our signature omega-3s, probiotics, synergistic nutrients, and vitamins support every patient’s innate ability to be well.

Our products are prized for their high-potency and ease of use. Every ingredient is carefully selected for quality and form to ensure patient compliance, and elicit a meaningful response to supplementation. All our fish oils come in the triglyceride form, for maximum absorption by the body.

Quality and transparency remain synonymous with Nordic Naturals reputation. We third-party test our ingredients to ensure they surpass even the strictest international standards. In response, universities worldwide regularly select our products for their research. We’ve been featured in 50 published studies, with more than 40 in progress.

Nordic Naturals

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Nordic Naturals