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Natural Partners Now Offers Online Dispensaries to Healthcare Practitioners

Through innovative, personalized websites powered by Natural Partners, patients can now enjoy direct access to professional-grade vitamins and supplements under the connected care of licensed healthcare practitioners


Scottsdale, AZ (October 6, 2015) – For the past 20 years, Natural Partners, Inc. has been a trusted resource for integrative healthcare practitioners.  Today, they just made it easier for licensed healthcare practitioners to recommend professional-grade vitamins, supplements, and natural wellness products to patients through the launch of NP Script™, a free, customizable online patient dispensary.  

A new, simple-to-use, web-based platform powers NP Script’s ability to manage inventory and fulfillment for over 11,000 products, and is scalable for thousands of practitioners. With NP Script, practitioners have the capability to extend their care beyond the bounds of their office by providing patients convenient, online access to purchase thousands of nutritional supplements. NP Script also helps with compliance by making it easier for patients to follow their practitioner-recommended treatment plans.

The customer response to NP Script has been extremely positive. “NP Script is the ideal tool to help me with two important ways that keep my practice running smoothly and successfully – automation and patient compliance. The ease, customization, and patient engagement abilities save me time, money and give me peace of mind. NP Script is a practice savior,” said Holly Lucille, ND, RN, a nationally recognized and licensed naturopathic doctor and educator.

“Natural Partners will continue to provide the full range of products and level of service our customers with a physical supplement inventory have come to expect,” said Fran Towey, President of Natural Partners. “For practitioners looking to expand their service beyond the walls of their practice and interested in making supplements available to their patients online, NP Script is a great solution.”

Industry-leading healthcare practitioner brands are available via NP Script, including NeuroScience, Pure Encapsulations, Designs for Health, Enzyme Science, Integrative Therapeutics, Thorne Research, Vital Nutrients, and many more.

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About Natural Partners, Inc.

Natural Partners is a resource for practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness by providing education and professional-grade products to healthcare practitioners and their patients. Since 1995, Natural Partners has researched trusted brands and welcomed them into their portfolio, currently offering over 14,000 premium products from hundreds of high-quality manufacturers. Natural Partners works with hundreds of healthcare practitioners every week to help them set up and maintain an efficient, seamless ordering system that ensures their patients get the supplements they need, when they need them.  For more information, visit

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