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Item #: PB0076

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Label Details
Servings Per Container: 30
Black Cohosh Root
Red Clover Leaf

Astringe Sweating:
Asiatic Dogwood Fruit (Shan Zhu Yu)

Calm Shen and Harmonize Blood Flow to the Heart Area:
Chinese Salvia Root (Dan Shen)

Clear Heat:
Asian Water Plantain Rhizome (Ze Xie)
Chinese Skullcap Root (Huang Bai)
Tree Peony Bark (Mu Dan Pi)

Help Regulate Hormonal Imbalances:
Tonify Kidney and Jing:
Chinese Dodder Seed (Tu Si Zi)
Rehmannia Root (prep.) (Shu Di Huang)

Tonify Yin and Clear Deficiency Heat:
Anemarrhena Rhizome (Zhi Mu)
Ophiopogon Root (Mai Men Dong)
Rehmannia Root (raw) (Sheng Di Huang)