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Pacific Herbs

Menopause Relief Herb Pack

Item #: PI0006

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Pacific Herbs all natural, all herbal Menopause Relief Herb Pack is for the menopausal and peri-menopausal age woman.*

Their large re-sealable, stay fresh pouch of highly concentrated herbal extract usually last about a month. Just dissolve granules in warm water and drink as a delicious cup of tea or place directly on tongue and swallow with water or juice. Either way you get a therapeutic dose of their full spectrum concentrated herbal extracts.

They understand you want a natural solution. Herbs in this combination have been used for centuries. Herbs dont replace hormones, they balance them. Treating menopause with artificial or bioidentical hormone therapy unfortunately does not address the underlying issues.*

Whether you are peri-menopausal with mild night sweats, or have been menopausal for some time, you will get relief with these herbs. Asian cultures have used this combination of herbs effectively as a natural alternative for symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, mental clarity and other signs of natural aging.*

Label Details
Servings Per Container: 60

Menopause Relief is a highly concentrated herbal extract, only a small amount 1/2 tsp to 3/4 teaspoon is needed daily.

Usage will vary depending on body weight and symptoms, please follow usage instructions according to weight and symptoms on the back of each package.

Serving Size: 1 Packet

Ingredients Per Serving:
Anemarrhenae Root- Zhi Mu
Rehmanniae Prepared Root- Shu Di
Cornus fruit- Shan Zhu Yu
Dioscoreae Root- Shan Yao
Poria- Fu Ling
Eclipta- Mo Han Lian
Ligusticum- Nu Zhen Zi
Lycium- Gou Qi Zi
Epimedium- Yin Yang Huo
Alisma- Ze Xie
Moutan- Moutan
Licorice- Gan Cao
Stevia leaf extract- Stevia

The only solvent used is purified water.

No alcohol, glycerine or chemical solvents ever touch our herbal granules.