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Pacific Herbs

PMS Relief Herb Pack

Item #: PI0004

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Retail Price $30.00

PMS Relief Herb Pack is for:

-Painful Period Cramps*
-Back Pain*
-PMS and Irritability*
-Achy Feeling*
-Breast Tenderness*
-Body aches associated with monthly menstrual cycles*

Label Details
Servings Per Container: 10

One packet each day of your cycle. Some women take 1 packet at night & one in the morning during their most uncomfortable days.

Serving Size: 1 Packet

Ingredients Per Serving:
Bupleurum- Chai Hu
White Peony- Bai Shao
Angelicae- Dang Gui
Peach Kernel- Tao Ren
Cyperus- Xiang Fu
Moutan- Mu Dan Pi
Red Peony- Chi Shao
Ligusticum- Chuan Xiong
Carthamus- Hong Hua
Mugwort- Ai Ye
Corydalis- Yan Hu Suo
Dipsacus- Xu Duan
Achyranthes- Nui Xi
Baked licorice- Gan Cao

PMS Relief Herb Pack is gluten FREE - Vegetarian and Kosher

The only solvent used for our concentrated extracts is PURIFIED WATER.

No glycerin, alcohol or chemical solvents ever touch our herbs.

Each Packet contains 6 grams of cooked, dried, herbal extract.