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Viatrexx Bio

Systemic Detox

Item #: VX0041

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To help assist with systemic drainage and detox of all major systems

Label Details

1-5 Sprays, 1-3 times per day or as reccommended by your health care practitioner.

Adrenal gland ... 30K HPUS
(Adrenal Support)
Alpha ketoglutaric acid ... 6X, 30K HPUS
(Cell respiration)
Alpha lipoic acid ... 6X 30K HPUS
(Anti Aging)
Ascorbic acid ... 30K HPUS
(Anti Oxidant)
Berberis ... 5X, 200K HPUS
(Urogenital drainage)
Carbo vegetabilis ... 30K HPUS
Carduus benedictus ... 3, 30K HPUS
Carduus marianus ... 30K HPUS
Colchicum automnale ... 6C HPUS
Galium aparine ...30K HPUS
Interleukin 4 ... 8, 10X, 200K HPUS
(Anti Inflammation)
Kidney ... 8, 10X, 200K HPUS
Liver ... 6X, 200K HPUS
Lycopodium clavatum ... 6X HPUS
Lymph node ... 3, 6X, 200K HPUS
(Immune Support)
Mesenchyme ... 6X, 200K HPUS
Nux vomica ... 7X, 200K HPUS
Taraxacum officinalis ... 6X, 200K HPUS
Thymus ... 200K HPUS
Tonsil ... 6X, 200K HPUS
Thyroid ... 200K HPUS

Inactive Ingredients: 20% Alcohol and 80% Distilled Water